Promising Young Woman

The trailer portrays a woman who preys on predatory men by pretending to be falling over drunk in bars. We enjoy dark horror comedies and this looked like the type of thing that would work. I queued it up without even checking with my watch partner.

Carey Mulligan as Cassandra

It turns out that I misjudged this movie by the trailer. It does satisfy the pleasure of seeing the tables turned on lowlives attempting to take advantage of inebriated women. However, it is not really a slasher flick at all. The story takes a serious tone as Cassandra’s motivations become clear. This movie is more of a cautionary tale about rape culture, how it has permeated the institutions we trust, and the fallout from reckless frat culture.

It’s good. It’s definitely better than the B grade thriller I was expecting. I recommend you check this out.