Look Away

I was captivated by the spooky reflection in the mirror existing at its own being. I did get the feeling the target audience is teenagers, which isn’t me. But what the heck. I used to be a teenager. This is also the first work I’ve noticed of Jason Isaacs since he played Lorca on STD. I had to check it out.

Mira Sorvino as Amy, Jason Isaacs as Dan, India Eisley as Maria

This is a story about a teenager with chronic low confidence and all of the perks that go with it, such as a low friend count and a meek presence. As it turns out, her one (and only) friend is actually a corrosive bully. Her mother, although earnestly sympathetic, is a mouse cowering in the shadow of the overbearing father who makes a living brow beating women into agreeing to cosmetic surgeries.

However, young Maria’s fortunes begins to shift when she develops a relationship with the bold and confident version of herself that lives behind the glass of the mirror. In a moment of weakness, Maria agrees to let Airam take over.

Ultimately, Maria learns to be careful about what she wishes for when the costs turn out to be greater than she imagined.

This was good entertainment and I recommend it for anyone in the mood for a well produced thriller about teenage angst and payback.

Check it out.