Into the Labyrinth

We stumbled on the trailer for this movie while browsing Prime video the other night. We were intrigued by the dark and mysterious ambiance of it. It seems tacky to say it, but seeing Dustin Hoffman’s face elevated the perceived production value. We decided to check it out.

For awhile it seems like you’re watching two different movies. One one hand you’re watching a foreign film, an Italian thriller, about a private investigator who has a serious heart condition, and he’s on the final case of his life. Simultaneously, you’re watching a domestic film about an investigator debriefing a kidnapping victim. All the while you’re laboring to connect the dots, wondering how is this victim related to the case in Italy?

As you think the pieces are coming together, you might ask, “Wait, why his he discarding an important lead?” Or you might be asking yourself, “Wait, wasn’t that character dead?”

By the time the story comes to its conclusion you might even be asking, “That’s the ending?”

The acting, the cinematography, and the overall production value for this film are top notch. But honestly, it took me about thirty minutes to realize that this movie is also brilliantly written, and I might need to watch it again.

I recommend that you also check it out.