The year 2016 came and this ordinary looking film appeared, and then the year passed. Several years passed, actually. In none of the years going by did this film catch my attention.

Last night was the exception. I was scanning the selection on Amazon Prime trying to find something that would have some appeal, and most importantly, not be immediately rejected by my watching partner / spouse. The trailer struck my curiosity because it appeared to be dull, on purpose.

It’s a story about a man, satisfied in his career as an anonymous bus driver who spends his free time writing odd poetry, that apparently, he has no ambition to ever share. His wife stays at home making cupcakes and painting things, such as the drapes, the carpet, and her clothes. She’s an optimist dreamer that entertains hopes of being a country music star, as soon as she learns to play her new mail-order guitar.

Everything is very real, complete with dust, shabby grass, moles, graffiti, and a lingering sense that something is due to happen. Some things do happen, some frightening and some disappointing.

Before the movie was over I came to the realization that this is a story about seeing the extraordinary in the ordinary. As the closing scene ended I felt very satisfied with my realization.

I recommend enjoying this movie. Check it out.