Intermediate Drive Shaft Bracket Mockup

I went to the local plastics shop and picked up a nice piece of 3/8″ PVC to use for my intermediate drive shaft bracket mock-up.

20140704_175335The PVC sheet material is easy to shape and cut with a jig saw and yet it is also hefty enough that it can act as a stand-in for the steel bracket which will take its place later. I will deliver the perfected mock-up to a fabrication specialist.

Problem: The motor’s electrical wiring is not in a very convenient location. I’d like to attach a plate to the end of this motor which reaches out to stabilize the other end of my bracket plate.

I can rotate the motor 45° or 90° counter-clockwise to make life easier here. But in the process of making life easier I will need to disassemble the transmission, clutch, and adapter plate, which makes life less easy.