Dry Fitting The Motor

I came to the conclusion that 3/8″ PCB was not the right material for my bracket mock-ups because 3/8″ steel will be unnecessarily heavy and more difficult to weld, which could result in a much higher fabrication cost. I decided to go with 1/4″ Lexan because it’s super easy drill and cut with ordinary power tools.


With a complete intermediate drive shaft mock-up and a partial end plate motor mount, I’ve gone about as far as I can go with my Lexan mockup brackets. It’s time to load this thing into the engine bay to get more precise measurements.

20140831_084713Here you see the motor + transmission assembly (with lexan mock-up brackets in place) descending into the engine bay. It was necessary to remove the hood to get sufficient clearance.
20140831_104044Admittedly, I had some anxiety because I had never thought to perform a detailed measurement of the amount of space in the engine compartment and compare it with the known dimensions of the AC-75 motor. I had assumed that there was plenty of room because the Warp motors I have seen in other installs appeared to have plenty of room. This is a perfect fit.

Next up: I need to complete the mock-up for the driver-side motor mount. There is also the issue of the CanEV bolt hole not aligning with the rear mount bracket.