Spring Cleaning

This morning I took the filthy transmission to the shop for a rebuild. On the way home I stopped to pick up a gallon of citrus cleaner, a large squirt bottle, some brushes, and a few rolls of shop towels.

dirty engine compartment
Dirty Engine Compartment

Considering that this is a twenty three year old car, this engine compartment is not very filthy. The transmission was very greasy and oily and so is a lot of the gear underneath, such as the shift linkages and some of the undercarriage where oil had splattered and adhered with dirt.

clean engine compartment
Cleaned Engine Compartment

It’s good to have a clean space to work.

I’m considering stripping down the rusty area under where the battery tray was and put some fresh red paint.

275 Pounds Shed

This is an estimate. The long block with the intake plenum, exhaust header, fuel rail, and accessories may even be near 300 pounds. (The 90 pound transmission stays.)

engine removal
Engine Coming Out

Upon removing the engine, I learned about the intermediate drive shaft.

intermediate drive shaft
Intermediate Drive Shaft

The intermediate drive shaft connects the driver side axle shaft to the trans-axle which is on the passenger side of the engine bay. The intermediate drive shaft mounts on the transmission at one end and bolts to the engine block on the other. This is a bit of fabrication that I had not been thinking about.