The Front End

The front end work is done. I have installed the new bearings, ball joints, struts, brakes, control arms, and axle-shafts.

front suspension
Front Suspension Reassebly

I did not install the new sway bar. The new sway bar is a slightly different shape from the factory sway bar and I could not get it past the exhaust pipe. I decided to delay the sway bar install until after I’ve removed the exhaust system in the next phase of the project.

integra front end

Integra Front End

It’s a satisfying feeling to button up this phase of the project and take it for a spin around the neighborhood.

The first time I drove it around the block I was sure there was something wrong because of the road noise. I put it back up on jackstands and double checked everything. It was all good. It seems that I’ve never driven a car with all the polyurethane bushings and necromancer struts. On top of that, without the back seat and rear carpeting I could hear every little bit of sand kicked up from the road.

Well that’s good. I wanted a stiff suspension that will perform well with the additional weight of a battery pack. As far as the road noise, I will address that after I’ve built the rear battery boxes and installed soundproofing.


The Front Suspension

I just got the front bearings and struts back from the shop.

front in progress
Front Suspension In Progress

Once I’ve got the front put back together it I’ll drive it to work for a week to make sure the gas tank is as empty as possible before I need to drain it.