The Rear Suspension

I’m starting this project by refurbishing the suspension. The after removing around 500 lbs of ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) equipment this car will be hauling around 700 lbs in batteries in the mid to rear. I want the 23 year old suspension to be as good as or better than new.

Rear Suspsension
Rear Suspension Disassembly

I am installing new struts, sway bar, brakes, and polyurethane bushings.

front suspension
Front Suspension Reassembly


The Last Smog Check

California law requires a smog check for every change of ownership. I tried reasoning with the DMV service rep. I didn’t bother telling her I was about to convert it to an EV. But I did try to convince her that the car was not in running condition and we should therefore register it in non-operational status.

She wouldn’t have it.

smock check
The Last Smog Check

Don’t try to reason or argue with a minor bureaucrat. It makes them feel important and it is bad for your health. Just pay the price and move on.